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Anthony Barry and a lady Bamford

Hi ,

Leslie J Tilstone birth registration .

1917 - Oct/Nov/Dec - Woolstanton
Mothers maiden name Stevenson

A possible marriage for Leslie's parents.

1909 - Jul/Aug/Sep - Wolstanton

Daniel Tilstone

Brides listed - Eva Baggaley - Annie Maria Stevenson

I had another look at this
I know that the Daniel Tilstone i am looking for married Annie Maria Stevenson

But there were 2 Daniel Tilstone's and a James Daniel Tilstone who got married in Wolstanton in 1909
One married Annie Maria Stevenson and the other married Eva Baggaley and James Daniel married Jane Holding

Incedently i found a *Daniel* Tilstone to be born In Wolstanton every year from 1883 upto 1890 which was my search criteria.

The other thing that is bugging me is that i cannot find a death for either Annie Maria or Eva Tilstone.

I know that my Daniel and Annie Maria moved to Rochdale between 1919 and 1923 and that Daniel passed in 1942.
I found a Annie Maria Tilstone marrying a Joseph Parkinson in 1954 and then she passes in 1981 which i find unlikely to be the same person seeing that she was born 1888.
Or did people reach that age in those days

Also i can find no record of my Grandparents Leslie J and Edith leaving the UK even though i know my grand mother and the kids came to South Africa in 1947 while my Grandfather left a year or so earlier

Sorry for brabbeling on i'm just trying to fit the pieces
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I just spoke to my mom again and asked her about her Grandma Annie Maria

Me: Mom is it possible that you granny married a Mr Parkinson
Mom: I dont remember, wait a minute, Parkinson yes my granny's second husband was Parkinson

So it jiggled her memory a bit and she remembered that it was indeed around 1954 O0