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Any help very gratefully received!

Hi all,

I am a relative beginner if you like. I am trying to trace my grandfathers side of the family as he and his 2 siblings were put into a childrens home when young and we have no history of this side.

Since researching I know the details of his mother and fathers name, his father's fathers name and all the children he had (my grandfathers aunt and uncles) and some of their children.

I come really stuck and hit a brick wall at the people I want to know most about, my grandfathers parents.

I know when they married, I know when he was born and I know where. I do not know where his mother was born or her DoB though I can give a rough guess at year. I know they divorced sometime between 1940 and 1950 and I also know she relocated and remarried in 1950. It appears quite likely she remarried for a third time in 1965.

What I can't find out is this, what happened to her after 1965. If she did remarry a third time I can see her on the electoral as of 2002, after this I guess there is no way of me finding her?

His father I am literally clueless on after they split, he has a more common name than his mother so it's extremely hard for me to whittle down what happened. I am trying to find out if he remarried, had anymore children, if'/when he died. I don't even know if he did or would have stayed in the same location.

Can anybody give me any guidance on how I could possibly go about finding these things out. I mean as I say I am a beginner really, and so one of my first searches was putting in my grandfathers father (my great grandfather!) name and searching for any marriages, but there appears to be a very very large number!!!

Any help on what I can do next to find out anymore is very very gratefully received!!

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