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Any ideas how we could begin to fill in the gaps??

chelle p

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There has always been bit of a mystery surrounding my great grandfather Charles Rodgers.We know he was born 1885 in Heckmondwike,but there was no father listed on his birth certificate.What follows now is based on probability,but we think its is fairly accurate.His birth certficate shows his mothers name as Ada.In 1885 birth reg for july/aug/sept there is a birth date of six june 1885 christian name Charlie..which would fit in with the year of birth we always had.The mothers name is an Ada Rodgers at Wosted Mill. 1891 census shows a Charles Rogers,mother aged 27 and a sister Jane in the Horton Bradford workhouse..the age for this Charles fits in with ours..although the surname is spelt different (common error for the time??)It is believed that he ran away from the workhouse several times and we believe he joined the army as a boy bugler.Between 1891 and 1912 he vanishes..he is on no census at all.(would he have been on army duty somewhere??).then in 1912 he meets my great grandmother and re-appears..so we have about a twenty year gap where he is off the radar.All of this is abit circumspect as he was an incredibly private man who did not speak about his early years really..would just be nice to be able to fill in this period and find out what happened..
(sorry didnt add the rest of information first time round)

1915 he gets married to my great grandmother.He age is given as 25 which puts him as having an 1890 brith which doesnt tally with the birth cert issued in 1885.His marriage certificate has his occupation as a Lance corporal..so he must have been in the army at some stage....This information is from the one issued from the pro in january 2010,but the one issued on the day of the marriage down as pipe fitter,but it has clearly been changed.

11th nove 1915 he joins the dorest regiment.His age is stated as 26 years 5 months.His wedding date was only two months earlier..(aged according to cert as 25) occuapation pipe fitter..but on his enlistment form B2505 the question where they ask if they have been in any branch of the military before the answer is no,but on another service record(the descriptive report??) it states that an officer has seen the marriage certificate and the next of kin information is correct!!!

We are so confused as to why there is all these changes to age and job!!I doubt we will ever know the truth..i would just love to be able to fill in those missing years
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