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Any ideas on this one ???

Rochester. Kent
I think I might need glasses, but I can't seem to make sense of this one!

On the 1871 census Eliza Clarkson 42 (living with her husband Frederick 43 & 6 nippers at 10 Adam Street, Lambeth) ~ is down, as far as I can make out, as a 'Tapthamper Maker' & their 16 year old son is what looks like a ' Learman'. Has anyone any idea what either of these occupation where ?

I've enlarged the image to quite a size & I'm still no wiser... but like I said this cat may need glasses !!!

Any help would be great...
It's OK folks... mystery solved... & it's definitely a combination of my eyes & the handwriting !

It was a 'Toy Hamper Maker' and a 'Car man'... Thanks anyway... chat later!
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Hi yes sometimes writing can be virtually impossible to decipher. Even with glasses, mag glasses etc. still you managed to sort it out. :)
I'm afraid I can't take any credit for this one Pejay !

... & now I've had another suggestion... which I feel inclined to consider... that she was a 'Jap Hamper Maker'.

Apparently there are quite a few involved in that trade living nearby, & the census writers used 'jap' as an abreviation for Japanning ~ Japanese style hard varnishing ~ which also makes sense.

Have you had a look at the page.. if you have what do you think
Hi there Catwoman - what a puzzle :confused: first I think John must have been a Car man I looked at the 1881 census and he is also a 'Car man' on that. Though what the job entailed I really haven't a clue. Unfortunately Eliza didn't have an occupation on that census. I think it is definately a y and not a p. I enlarged it which didn't help much. I think they wrote their t's strangely. I hope other people have a look at it and pass their comments because it is a puzzle. was there a particular trade or a factory in that area?