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Any Lightbody-Wilson/Thompson connection? Late 19th century Northern Ireland


I’ve been able to find information as far back as 1820 for most of my ancestors, but there’s one branch that I can’t find anything about. My great grandmother was Charlotte Lightbody and I’m 100% certain she is the person mentioned in the following thread. I commented on that thread a while ago.


I’ve since done an Ancestry.com DNA test and it has confirmed most of the guesses I made about my family tree, and I can place non-direct descent relatives of all of my great grandparents, except for Charlotte Lightbody. My matches’ placements in my family tree are consistent with the DNA relationships so I’m confident the test is accurate.

However, the DNA test also shows a small group of matches, related to each other, descended from a John Wilson and Mary Thompson (possibly Scottish), married in Belfast in 1878 (I do have the marriage record). My tree has no Wilsons or Thompsons, but the DNA relationships are consistent with John Wilson or Mary Thompson and Charlotte Lightbody being siblings, half siblings, or at most distant, first cousins. If they were related to me through my other great grandparents, they’d show up as matches in other lines.

However, I can’t find any records of a connection in Ireland’s records online.

Does anyone have any connections to Lightbody and Wilson or Thompson families, from Ulster or Scotland, late 19th century, that might help?

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