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Any offers of help in tracing my husband's family?


New member
Hi, I am trying to trace my husband Philip's family. He knows absolutely nothing about them as he came to NZ from the UK as a baby and has never met his family from the UK. His full name is Philip Anthony Pottinger, born on 18 June 1950 in Balham, London.
I have a little bit of information - not much unfortunately. His father's name was Oliver Pottinger born in South Shields on 5 March 1909. His Grandfather was named Laurence Pottinger and he was married to Dora (nee Richardson). His mother was Dorothy Ann Pottinger (nee Carr) born in Morpeth on 2 November 1913. I do not have any information about her parents. At the time of his father's birth, his parents were living at 274 Alice Street, South Shields.
If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful as I am coming up against brick walls because I have to pay to join websites to get any more information.
It would be great to get some more information about his family as we are planning a trip back to the UK next year and we would love to meet them!

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