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Any suggestions?! Bailey/Bayley/Ashmore

Hi everyone,

My great grandfather, Joseph Richard Leek was born in 1919 (registered in Walsall, Q4). The family mainly stays in Darlaston/Wednesbury. Mother’s maiden name ‘Bayley’

On the marriage certificate for his parents (1919) it is a different spelling - Bailey. Unfortunately there are no details for her father.

My Nan is still alive and was able to help out when I first started researching. She wasn’t sure if her grandmother was a Bailey or Ashmore! They seemed to use both surnames. She knew her grandmother was Martha Bailey/Ashmore. She remembers an Uncle - Bob Bailey and there was definitely an Aunt Mercy.

I have found them on the 1911 census (transcribed as Ashman - but reads Ashmore)

Samuel and Amelia (who have been married 15 years apparently!) and children Robert, Martha and Mercy

In 1901 Amelia Bayley is single with a 1 year old Martha....living with Samuel Ashmore.

There are too many Martha Bailey’s for me to order all of the certificates. I have researched a few possible matches for Amelia (Langston?, married John Bailey?) but can’t find any real evidence. My Nan thought that one of her great grandmothers was Irish. There also seems to be a link to the surname Butler. It’s so frustrating that you can have a photograph of someone but no other details!

Any help appreciated