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Anybody with a contact in Switzerland please?


New member
Hello. A long shot I know but let's give it a go!....
On behalf of a friend who is not a computer user, she is looking for a contact in Switzerland who might be able to help her trace her Swiss relatives from the C19th on a amateur or semi-professional basis.
Any advice/help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
Thanks. Yes, would welcome any help from anybody on here who has access to Swiss archives. Thanks.
Hi Adrian and all above who have replied. My mum, Pauline, and I are hoping to find information about my maternal great, great grandmother Laure Constance Cliff (nee Tissot). To the best of our knowledge, with the limited information we have managed to gather, Laure was a Swiss national (french speaking) born possibly in 1851 - 1854 (depending on which document you take her age from, eg marriage certificate, census, death certificate etc). We have documents of her life following her marriage to my great, great grandfather, Henry Cliff in 1879, but we have nothing identifying where in Switzerland she came from, or any other members of her family pre-dating her marriage. Her fathers name is recorded on her marriage certificate as Henry Fredrick Tissot. The only other 'clue' to her possible past that we have is a document found with her papers that has been passed down through the family to my mum, which has the name of a lady we can only presume is a friend or family member, called Juliette Lea Journet (we know Journet is her married name but no idea of her maiden name) who came from Neufchatel, Switzerland, who passed away 1909 aged 58 (which makes her DOB around the same time as Laure). Whether they are friends, cousins etc we do not know, and we do not know where in Switzerland Laure came from, but the tenuous link we have to Neufchatel is the only mention of a location in Switzerland we have to begin to try and trace this back. We can't speak Swiss-french but have found out that to delve into swiss archived records we would need to approach specific cantons. Any help anyone can offer or suggestions of how to proceed with the limited knowledge we have would be very gratefully appreciated. Thanks Clare and Pauline.