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Anyone have a clue on Canadian websites?


Am wondering if anyone has any tips on websites to help me try to trace a Susan Powell, she would have been in at least secondary school and lived in Manitoba - I even have a couple of addresses for her in 1944/45 - she went to the Robert H Smith School in 1945, but I can't find her on family search which is the only search facility I know which covers Canada too.

Any more tips on how I could locate her ancestry / any living relations?

In the 40's she was a penpal to my great aunt who died at the age of 18 as she was very sickly, and I have several fabulous letters that Susan Powell wrote and thought if she'd ever married / had children, maybe her relations might like her letters, as they're great fun and give a real insight into her and what was going on at the time.

She mentioned her father was too old for ww2 and was working for the 'veterans welfare department' in Manitoba to give returning soldiers jobs in 1944. In 1944 she also mentions that for Xmas she got things like lipstick and nail polish - so am thinking she was in her teens....but not sure how old!

Would the two street addresses I have help - I don't know if there's a way of searching house owners?
Ancestry had lots of Susan Powells in Canada, quite a few in Manitoba. If you have an address, then a city might help narrow it down (Manitoba is a huge province, 2.8 times larger then Great Britain- the largest city is Winnipeg)
Old thread, I know, but there is a Robert H Smith school in Winnipeg so they are probably talking about a Winnipeg address.