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anyone know the HOY family


Does anyone out there have any information of the Hoy family (originally from Ireland but living in Burnley Lancashire). I am so confused as there are so few census records with this family on. The head of the family is William Hoy and Mary nee Fynn/Finn, both came from Ireland. Have found a few records on Lancs OPC and their names are written in the Latin version. I have found births for Catherina b 1859 d 1862 (there was a another daughter called Catherina b 1864 d 1865), Joannes (think this is John?) b 1860, Franciscus b 1867 (think this is Francis), Ambrosius b 1869 (think this is Ambrose), Randolphus (Randolph??) b 1872 and Petrus (Peter?) b 1875, they were born to Gulielmi (William?) and Mariae (Mary?). The thing is that there is supposed to be 2 other children Emily and Thomas but I can't find any records at all for them, can't find any census records that show Peter on but have found 1901 and 1911 census with a lady called Ambrosine on. The 1911 census show Ambrosine living with her brother Randolph and her married sister Mary Ann, yet can find no birth records for Ambrosine. I really am hoping that someone out there is looking into this family as I have spent several weeks going round and round in circles as to who are the children of William and Mary and what happened to them.:confused:

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