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Anyone with Swedish links?

Hi everyone, thanks to this site I've managed to trace my family back to Holland, but my family name 'Harrowven' has now led me to an earlier Swedish variation, yet I cannot get any further.

The first part of the name (Harrow) I can trace to being the farming tool, but also appears linked to 'Arrow' from the Celtic language meaning arrow! then 'Ven' translates to 'Vein"

So in a daft way I got to thinking that my name might mean 'arrow vien' and over the internet with other Harrowven's there's a theme that the name originally comes from Norse areas of Europe. Also my DNA profile (well worth doing for anyone tracing their history) suggests that I have definite scandinivian roots.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has become an obsession to find out where my father's family came from, my mother's family history is clear cut Irish and I am more than happy to help anyone tracing 20th century Irish history