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App to change colour


Anyone know what i have to do to find a app or what ever its called, to change colours on things. I have 2 small book cases that are boring and not sure what colour i want to paint them and was told there is a app where you can put a photo of the item up and change the colours to see what it would look like. When i googled it just confused me :rolleyes:
That one looks easy, will have a go tomorrow. Thought it would be easier to see what it would look like instead of keep painting them until im happy:LOL: Besides paint isn't cheap so would like to get it right first go.
I've not tried it so no idea how good it is.

There are similar apps you can download to mobile phones too.
Worth a try anyway Dave. I want to brighten them up so i have gone from bright red :oops: to bright blue :oops: and even thought of canary yellow but the walls are a cream colour so yellow is out. Back to thinking a nice grey type colour, at least that colour will go with anything where as bright red or blue could be frightening :eek: At the moment one is that boring old fashioned brown colour and the other is black.
Yeah, there's always colours you've never seen or heard of. Mix a colour yourself that you like, then get a batch mixed for you at the DIY store.

It's amazing what colour you can come up with, when you have bits of leftover paint in the bottom of the tin.:unsure::sick::sick::sick::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: