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Are you seeking James Donovan ?


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I am looking for the Irish birthplace of James Donovan Snr born abt 1851. If 'yours' has suddenly disappeared from Ireland could he have been in the Middlesex area abt 1882 and in Crayford, Kent by 1891? A huge longshot I know but I'm up against a re inforced titanium obstacle and have been there for about three years now.
PS he had a son also James Donovan born abt 1882, Old Kent Rd..
'Married' one Mary Ann Cowell abt 1881/2, no marrriage found so possibly they never made it to the altar and to make things even more complicated they baptised later children in Crayford with (unusual for the time) double barelled surname of Hines-Donovan.
Thanks for reading and all replies / suggestions welcome.