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Army number

I am not sure this is the right area to put this posting and so i apologise if it is not, but i wondered if anyone could advise me how to find the army number of my father who served in the WW2 as far as i know he served in REME [some connection with Greenwich]. I know this is rather vague to say the least, but any help no matter how little would be appreciated, thank you [by the name he was known as Thomas William Cooper and lived in Hackney Wick London]
thanks for the web sites and i did look into them, but unfortunetly they did not help, i have tried the REME musuem but they say you have to apply to the Historicals disclosures dept, who will not give out any details without my fathers army number, so it looks as if i am not going to get very far, but thank you anyway it was appreciated and i will keep looking just in case. :'(