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Army record

Looking for my wife's grandad's army records but cant seem to find them
Francis Atherton
Born Salford 1895
Married Florence Russell 1914 St.Ambrose Pendelton
Mother Mary Morrissy Father Joesph Atherton(He died when Francis was young)
also trying to find in 1911
any help please
Hi Dom.

Sorry to say, but most of the WW1 military records were destroyed during WW2.

Not many survived, and I cannot find any for your fella.

Not having much luck in 1911, although I can see him in 1901.

It shows him as being born Pendleton, in 1896. I'm sure you have that record, but if not, give us a shout.

Thanks Steve
I do have 1901 census for him
just wish i could find army records for him
I am also looking for his brother in laws navy records
William Russell d.o.b 8.3.1898 Salford
Harold joseph Russell b Salford Militray record please
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Hi Dom
In 1901 census Joseph has his ma in law surname Grounds and her 2 kiddies.
Perhaps Mary Morrisey's mother remarried?
Also, maybe Mary remarried after Joseph's death and Francis is in 191@ census listed under another surname?
Just speculation.
Possible death for Joseph Atherton
Salford 1907 aged 35yrs. (Free BMD)

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Hi Dom
Francis, as you have said, cannot be using a step father's surname in 191@ census as Mary Atherton didn't marry Martin Bailey until 1919 at St Pauls Pendleton. (Lancs BMD)
Try again!!