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Army records

Boston, Lincs
Hi all,
Well fingers crossed I have finally done what I said i would do for at least 6 or 7 years. I have just posted copies of my fathers birth, marriages and death certificates. I have also for good measure sent a copy of my birth certificate to show I am his next of kin. I dont know his Regt although It is believed to be the Royal Artillary and he is believed to have been stationed on Gibralta.
On a negative the £30 postal order I sent off cost more, and with postage and recorded delivery it came to just under £39. Also they cant promise to find the records and it could take 6 to 12 months to recieve anything. Oh well I have waited all these years, I suppose another 12 months is nothing. I had best keep myself well peeps.
Sad as my elder brother and sister are not interested in our family history, although my sister likes me to send her copies of the infomation I find. ( Lazy comes to mind ).
Wish me luck please as I know more about my grandfather and his 1st world war records. I did write to the NHS for info on family member 1939 registration card info, my dads they couldnt locate, he was obviously out of the country.

Sue xxxxx :kissu:
Thanks all for your replies
I recieved a letter today informing me the MOD has recieved my documentation. I dont mind if it takes 6 to 12 months, they have a back log of requests from serving military personel and their families. I cant help being a wee bit excited at the prospect of finding my dads army records.

What i want to do is win just enought to employ a well known family historian to reserch all my loose ends, and the bits i havnt been able to ever find.I dont want them to do it on their own i want to go with them so they can show me what infomation i have been missing all these years. eg Years ago i visited the Northampton records office and was just browsing a few old record books. As some of my dads family are from a little villiage called Culworth, i noticed a thomas bull in the malitia. I now know this thomas is my grt 3 x great grandfather. I wasnt experienced to realise this would be intresting and usefull infomation in future years.

Oh well i can dream i dont want loads just enought, honest im not greedy peeps.

Sue :D
Oh well still my dad's army records have not arrived, suppose I was ever hopeful. Just a possible eight months to go, just thought they may have turned up at christmas. it would have been a smashing christmas pressie.

Sue :(
Hi Sue,
When I sent for my dads army record it had very little information & its very difficult to read, my dad was a Chindit ,but no mention of this, only that for a while he was attached to special forces,he was in & out of hospital with Malaria & he went AWOl twice,once for 5 days, that was a big surprise.
Well all still no army records not that I for one minute thought I might have recieved them by now. My only thoughts on this subject is, so many people send of for BMD certificates and I have never had to wait more than two weeks. The MOD have had my money now since August 2011 and I cant help thinking, and I maybe wrong but will the MOD not be getting interest on my £40 ?.
Im not complaining but surley they could have notified me by now, and please dont all start having a go at me. I know yes there are hundreds maybe even thousands of people waiting for info, but isnt this the same with BMD certs. ?

Sue x :mad:
Hi Sue....since August,this does seem a long time.....if i was you i would email them and ask them what the hold up is,i am sure it shouldn't take that long.

All the best and hope you get some info soon.
The MOD say it can take 6 to 12 months ?

I dont know why it should take as long as this, most army personel and family know where they were stationed and what regt they were in. this is info from the 2 nd world war ?.

oh well round about august then peeps, i will keep you all informed if they find anything at all. apparently they might not. :mad:

sue xxxx
Well emailed the MOD and surprise surprise no reply, maybe there is no one working there now ?. I'm being a bit facetious sorry It's driving me mad, I'm like a spoilt child and i want want want it now.
There I have had my rant so now I can ask how everyone is are you all well. I am trying to get back into the swing of things and have sent my stepfather a list of questions I need him to answer. I told him once he pop's his clogs it will be to late to find all his army information.
His idea of no rush is very different from mine, so much so I have started my own life story after I was Bought a fab book that resembles a bible. It's surprising how much I can remember of my childhood and teenage years. I have also got family members to jot down what they remember of our childhood and elder family members. I have a older cousin in her 70s who has very different, but some similar memories of my old Victorian Gran and her house. I am so grateful to them all and although some of you will find face book distasteful, I have a site I started a few years ago.
The site is called Church st, st marylebone, Westminster, I now have 759 members who are sharing all their memories of shops, people and streets. So many photos have been shared and I quite like it when i am thanked for bringing back so many of their memories.
They don't realize how they are helping me also, and I have found quite a few friends and family I lost contact with years ago.

Best wishes to you all, keep up all the fantastic work you all do.

sue xxxx :D
Well my peeps
I may not have recieved my dads army records but I have been sent all my step fathers army records. I sent him a list of infomation I needed from him and bless him he sent it all and more. I know where he was based, the fact he wasnt called up he volunteered and took the kings shilling. His three regts and where he fought in Europe. I have a copy of his demob certificate and loads of his old army photos. My step father is now in his 80s and still is the flag bearer for plymouth british legion and goes to france on a regular basis. His main regt was the 3rd tank regt. He brought me up from the age of 2 years and his infomation is just as important to me as the infomation I still havnt recieved for my own father from the MOD. Oh well.

sue :biggrin:
Arrrgggggg feb has gone now and we are into middle march, 7 months now gone. surley the records cant really take this long. :'( :mad: :eek:

Bye the way hope you are all well peeps. xxxxxxx

sue xxxx
Well peepys

I have again emailed the MOD so am awaiting a reply even if its only we will be looking soon. Are you all well I hope you all have a lovely easter I am working as usual. I'm sort of researched out and am having a short break, I am going to concentrate on the garden which has been neglected lately.
I need to get all my information together and sorted, I have so many bits of paper with infomation where I have jotted down bits and peices. I need a whole week just to sort it all and file it in it's propper places.

Best wishes to you all

sue xxxxxxxx :eek: :confused:
Hope you get your info soon Sue.

Hi all it's now june 29th and I am making arrangements with my other half to visit kew. I have decided even though I have paid for my dad's army records and still after 10 month ( not a sausage ), I have booked my train ticket and will try to find his army records 2nd week of july. I dont for one minute think in the mean time the relevant records will appear in my post box.
I am now begining to loose patience and I no longer want to hear the relevant dept staff are too busy it is now so rediculous. I have a friend who sent off for her records after me and she has recieved hers.

Now down to buisiness how are you all well I hope, it has been a while since I have been on here. I have breaks now and again just to take stock of all the infomation I have found over the years. Well I am back and eager to restart. I have been watching that wonderful program on TV at the moment Londons hidden streets. I have learned so much moreabout our social history and realised why all my family were moved from their homes just so the LCC could demolish old houses. I am so glad there were people who realised what was happening and made it possible for areas of Housing in London to become listed buildings.

Again hope all is well with you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue x
Well Sue....the wait you have had is totally unaceptable in my view.

Ring or write to them and DEMAND your money back...i certainly would.

All the best with your visit.