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Army records

Well today is the 6th july 2012 and i am pleases to announce finally this morning, my late fathers army records have arrived. it has only taken 11 months not bad i suppose.
I must say the are ever so interesting and It even gives his blood group. I now know the colour of his eyes his hair and how tall he was. the records are very like those of the 1st world war. thank you all for listening to my gripes every so often sorry if I have been a pain. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sue xxxxx
excellent news well done Sue? do you have the same coloured eyes?

Yes and his blood group was AB mine is B so I think I get mine from him as my mum's blood group was O. It's all the other facinating bits and peices like he trained as a PT instructor and played cricket and hockey. He was given a fab charecter refrence. so in al he appears to have been an ok joe.

sue x :biggrin: