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Army Service Corps


Ontario, Canada
my elusive great grandfather when applying for his officer training in 1916, listed his father as Charles Smith and occupation - A Warrant Officer of the Army Service corps.

Has anyone got any advice on how I might try to obtain a record for Charles Smith. My elusive great grandfather stated he was born in Leith Midlothian c1883, but as for his father Charles I have no idea.

In 1908 when my great grandfather married, he stated Charles Smith as deceased and a tram car conductor.

It could well be that none of the above was true when he put in his application for officer training, as he did like to stretch the truth quite often.

So I am probably looking into something that doesnt exist, but need to at least try to rule out.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Hi Shevy, The Army Service Corps became the Royal Army Service Corps, followed by the Royal Corps of Transport and now the Royal Logistic Corps.
Therefore their Museum is at:-
Royal Logistic Corps Museum
Princess Royal Barracks
GU16 6RW
Email:- information@rlc museum

website:- www.army.mod.uk/rlc

They may be able to help you, or they may direct you to a different source, I have no experience as yet of their responses to emails on the past.

I do have somewhere, further information about how to get information regarding our ancestors and their military life, but perhaps you should send an email to the Imperial War Museum (google it) and they may send this info to you - it's about 3/4 pages.

Trust this helps you.

(ex 1 Welch/1 RRW)
thank you for your reply.

I will contact the museum as suggested.

Another occupation my great grandfather gave for his father Charles was a Tram Car Conductor, which would also tie in with the Leith area.

But of course as mentioned, it is hard to distinguish the lies from the truth.