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Criminal Indictments Index 1863-1919
Arthur ADLUM
Offence Breaking into a shop and stealing therein
Date of Trial 29 Feb 1872
Place of Trial Sydney
Verdict Guilty
Sentence 2 years hard labour in Darlinghurst Gaol
Citation NRS 13492 [9/2630 p.103]; Reel 1860
Index Number 86

Arthur Adlum
Birth Place: Melbourne, Vic.
Age: 19
Arrival Year: 1859
Vessel Arrived In: BC See No 515
Date of Admission/Photo: Sep 1872
Gaol: Darlinghurst
Gaol Location: Darlinghurst, NSW
Record Type: Description Book

Trial 29 Feb 1872 but admission Sep 1872 ??

Also, I can't find that in the The Gaol Photographic Description Books index on NSW Records.
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Anc. has this, Dave.. Arrival year 1839? Probably an error.

New South Wales, Australia, Gaol Description and Entrance Books, 1818-1930:
Arthur Adlam
Birth Year: abt 1854
Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria
Arrival Year: 1839
Arrival Country: Australia
Vessel Arrived In: Born in Colony
Date of Admission/Photo: Sep 1872
Gaol: Darlinghurst
Gaol Location: Darlinghurst, New South Wales
Record Type: Description Book

Thanks Geoff.

That's just an error - 1839 = 1859 year of arrival in NSW. Age is a bit out.

Birth 17466/1852 ADLAM Arthur Samuel Harriet b. Melbourne, Vic.
Denomination: Church of England Parish: St James Melbourne Fiche: 298

I can't find it in the NSW Records index using Adlam or Adlum or Adlom.

Or using 'arthur darlinghurst melbourne'