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Arthur simon


my gt grandad is proving elusive when it comes to his death date.

I've checked at the local reg office who also cant find any record of him dieing.
I'm thinking he is just one of those who were lost somewhere but as a last shot if anyone has/does come across this gentleman I would love to know

Arthur Willoughby Simon
DOB 1869 in Goxhill Lincs

I have him on the census up to 1901 married to Fanny Boyd, he has children. On his daughter Florences wedding certificate in 1930 it shows him as deceased, his youngest was born in 1907 and he was alive then
any help would be great thanks
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Sorry I can't find anything either. Tried up to 1930.
Just a thought.
Do you have a record of the death of Fanny ?
It might help to narrow it down a bit as the death cert may say if she was a widow or not.
Did any of his children move away from Hull ? He may have gone to live with one of them in his later years so may not have died in Hull.
Fanny died in 1914 before Arthur unfortunatly

I do have the medical records of one of his children who was sent to an asylum when she was 12yrs old.
The records are from Rampton and state no next of kin when she was first admitted fromanother 'special school' but a couple of years later it shows her sister(my gran) as next of kin and fighting to get her released

Judging by the dates she was admitted a year before her mum died but as much as I wish I could get the earlier records it seems they no longer exist

who knows what went on, I guess its just another mystery to add to the collection.
My mum did say they were told he fell downstairs and broke his neck at work but I cant find where he worked or any records of the accident