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If the below attachment works it will show, "Assignment and Covenant" 13 July 1844.
5th on the list is, Charles Lake - - - Master Chimney Sweep"

This is my ancestor, the info is from Archives, and as it refers to "7 John Street, Tottenham Ct. Rd." I thought this would be the right section to post?

I have no idea what "Assignment and Covenant" refers to? My guess is that the property is being rented to him? But any more knowledgeable suggestions please.


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yes I agree it seems like a deed for him been given something - in this case a house. Is he on the 1841 & 1851 census
Possibly a tenancy agreement or lease.

Covenant --solemn agreement: a solemn agreement that is binding on all parties
- legally binding agreement: a formal and legally binding agreement or contract such as a lease, or one of the clauses …

Many thanks for the replies.
Charles Lake is on the 1881 and 1891 Census I do not know about the 1841 and 1851 ones.
Just to add confusion to it there were three generations named Charles Lake! Not imaginative or helpful to me. :2fun:
I don't have the date of birth of the first one but he married Mary Ann Noble in 1827.
His son was born 1836 and his son in 1857. I only have death for the last in 1918 at Holborn.
Hi somerstown
After some to-ing and fro-ing, all my fault for writing the details down properly, I may have some help.

I noticed afterwards that Samuel Lake Master chimney sweep was on the same list.

In 1841 Census.
Ref. HO/107/0686/F17
Samuel Lake 63 Nightman
Charles Lake 30 Nightman
Anna Lake 25 NBC
Lydia Lake 17
Were all living at John St, St Pancras, Middx.

In 1851
Ref. Ho/107/1494/F807

Charles Lake 34 b.St.Giles Middx.Chimney Sweep
Ann Lake 36 b. Lewisham
with children William, Louisa, Emma, Arthur, Walter

They were liviing at 24, Drapers Place.St Pancras.Middx

I could not find any others that matched in any way. After seeing Samuel on your attachment, the 1841 could fit, but I am not sure that the ages are right on the 1851

I have just realised that I wrote another one down for 1841
Ref. HO/107/0685/F7
Living at Wellesley St. St Pancras.Middx.
Charles Lake 20 Chimney Sweep BIC
Ann Lake, with children Edward,William, and Frederick.

If you need more info on above, let me know,
I owe you thanks again Nainmaddie. Nearly went off on a false trail (again :biggrin: )
Yesterday I found info on the children of:
In 1851
Ref. Ho/107/1494/F807

Charles Lake 34 b.St.Giles Middx.Chimney Sweep
Ann Lake 36 b. Lewisham
with children William, Louisa, Emma, Arthur, Walter
and thought my Charles Lake and Mary Ann Lake (nee Noble) had dropped her "Mary". But it can't be them or she would be 10yrs when they got married if the age on 1841 Census is correct.
St Pancras must have been a confusing place early 19th c with so many Charles Lakes.
Hi Somerstown

My blood sugar was a bit low when I was typing the Census finds !!
I have checked the ages again on the originals, and they were as found.

I will double check again. I only put in Charles Lake London.

Will get back to you again

It is me again.

According to the dates you have given is it correct that they waited 9 years for a child?

In the 1841 census with Samuel, it does not say whether Ann is the wife of Charles, or daughter of Samuel. I will double check again

Thanks Maddie,
He may not have been their first child, in which case 9yrs is reasonable.
Charles Lake, born 1836 St Pancras does not (as far as I can see) appear on the marriage and death records, but his wife(?) is mentioned on the birth certificate of Charles Lake 1857.
Think I am drowning in Lakes! :biggrin: