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Assistance with Searching for Evidence of UK Citizenship

Hi People, I need some assistance about where to get documents. Ill try to be brief:

- Grandparents British citizens, married in Hackney in 1917 (documented)
- Son born in Hackney in 1918 (documented)
- Emigrated to Australia in approximately 1920. (documented)
- Daughter (my mother) born in Australia but both Grandparents still British (documented)
- Daughter taken back to England and had a UK passport
- Grandparents and children return to Australia 1926
- Grandparents/children become Australian citizens in 1951 (son returns to live in the UK)

In order to live in the UK for some time I need to find some evidence that my mother was granted UK citizenship and held a UK passport however as she was born in Australia there is no record of her birth in the UK BUT she was definitely a UK citizen and held a UK passport until 1951.

I have paid the UK Home Office fee but they have never replied to any inquiry.

Can someone help me with where would I look for evidence of my mother's British citizenship please?

Many thanks

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