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astley family

Hi im new to this and would appreciate any help my name is carol and ive been researching my familly tree for about 12 months on and of i think iv done ok in what ive found out but would like some help becouse i get stuck !

best regards carol sloan
Hi Carol welcome to the FHUK family,
No problem with your request for help, all our members are very helpful and only to willing to help.
All you have to do is post your question's on the relevant forums, with as much information as you have and we will do our best to help you find the answer's.
Once againwelcome to the group and enjoy our site. best regards stericoO0
hi Carole,

I have also been researching the name Astley particularly from Birmingham, warwickshire and Shropshire. I should be happy to try and help you. Just let me know what you have got and I will try and point you in the right direction.

It is no too common a name and you share it with the Barons of Hastings! If you are lucky enough to link to that family you will have a ready made tree back to 1066!!

Best wishes

Hi Dochines thank you for your reply i do have ancesters from shropshire i have information on my 5 great grandfather who was john astley bapt 6/4/1724at wem and was high sheriff of cheshire and a portrait painter it is his son john william i decend from bapt 1/1/1785 at ashton-under-lyne i can not find anthing ecept that he lived in dolgelly noth wales and was still living in 1823 allso i have information about his son richard dukinfield astley and copies os some testimonials he sent of for a job of a prison govener when leaving the army i think it was holloway prison becouse ive been passed some coppies of photos of a lady in that date time taken in upper holloway and they lived in that area for some years is there any way i can find out if he got that position thank you again best regards carol.
hi Carol

I think the Astley family you are looking for is on the public family trees on ancestry the carol sloan nee (thompson)(wright) astley tree and whats more you are the owner!

I will study this further to see if there are any links to my tree as my astleys were also in Wem. Every other family was an Astley in Wem in the late 1700s!

I will think about the prison governor issue. just because they lived in Holloway it does not mean that Holloway would have been the prison involved there were lots of prisons in london

best wishes

Hi again thanks for the reply yes i am the owner of the astley thompson ext tree i realy need to update it as i have more information but like i said i am only learning and you are right about the prison issue there residence then was spring bridge lodge spring rd i have allso tried looking for this but come to a dead end thanks again for your help and i hope we make a connection with our ancestors best regards carol.
Hi Carol,

We are all learning all the time, and thats the great thing about family history research. I have just spent the last hour looking at victorian prisons in london.

There are also references to governors. It was certainly common for the governors to be ex military. Holloway Prison was built in 1853-1855. Pentnville and Newgate prisons are also quite close.

You have remakably good tree which is well referenced. I certainly do not want to teach you to suck eggs but I think I would try now to find other public documents in PROs to provide more stories and "flesh" on the bones of the tree.

Look at Dukinfield Old Chapel references and other archive records in Cheshire. The paintings are a wonderful source of more information. There are also several other good websites on various aspects of the family and its links to Dukinfield town Hall. Do you know the Access to Archives (A2A) search engine ? this produces many thousand documents available to study and very many of them relate to your Dukinfield and Astley links.

Your Astley family have had a very public life and many would be jealous of the material available. You are doing incredibly well for a beginer ! just keep a track of the sources of every thing you find and slowly link it all together

keep an eye out for "my Astleys" I hit a brick wall at George Astley born 17 7 1774 and died 2 feb 1847 in Wem. His parents being Thomas Astley buried in Wem 17 2 1827 and Hannah who died Wem june 1819

kind regards


kind regards

Hi again Dochines,

Thanks for your quick reply i have been on the thameside web and that is how i found the paintings i just put in dukinfield and it came up i was very lucky i have visitied dukingfield church but there wasnt anyone available for me to ask about records i have pictures from that web site of the house my 5th g grandfather lived in i carnt remember if ive put them in my tree but will update it over the weekend i have allso visited staly bridge museum in there reading room the original book cases from this house are there it was a lovely feeling to see these knowing they were from my ancestors home, i allso have a copy of his will witch is hard reading but very very interesting.

You say about the Arcives A2A i have been on there and visited que but i struggle im not sure how to use the site if you could give me any guidence id be verey grateful you say you are stuck on george born 17 7 74 whos father was thomas do you know if thomas had siblings if so can you let me know them i have john astley father as richard astley a surgeon of wem married to margaret but in some information from a book it says that my john astley may have been adopted ? hope to here from you soon

best regards carol.
Hi Carol

The A2A site is a very powerful search engine. Start by opening the web page, opt for a global search and insert the name of the person you are trying to follow up

try Richard Duckinfield Astley.... that will give you a number of possible leads. You can either choose all the categories or look at the ones that interest you most , perhaps the personal ones

You will then get a list of referencs to documents that are held in different public records offices in the country. I have had a quick look and there a lot of references in Cheshire and Staffordshire as you woud expect

Open the links on the article as far as you can and look at the summary. If it interests you make a note of the reference number in full and which PRO or archive holds the document.

You then need to contact that record office. It tells you how if you click on its name. Ask to see the reference and arrange to visit them to see it. Ask for it to be got out in advance so you do not wait for hours when you get there.

Sometimes they will scan or photocopy the reference for you at a charge.

Be selective as to what you choose at first, some documents are dull and boring, others very juicy and exciting information!

Spend some time just playing on the site. You will be amazed what you can access now.

I will set out my Astleys in Wem in my next email.

good luck with your searches in A2A


Hi Dochins

Thanks for information on A2A i have been going through paper work i have on Sir john Astley the artist on reading it again it says about the adoption i said earlier that he was adopted by his uncle sir john astley of pattishall, patshal, or patshul on my family tree it says his parents were richard and margaret as i said before so now i need to find these siblings to make the connection and make this story real, the story is about the remarkable career of john astley i think its from a book of a sir joshua reynolds life any ideas of finding this book ! please cant wait to read your tree

best regards carol.
Hi again,

My family tree is too large to post here . do you have access to Genes reunited ? my most up to date tree is there. also an older version on ancestry.

If you can't do either let me have an email address and Iwill send you an attched file with all my Astley information . Thomas Astley 1811 married Mary Cooper 1811, on 1/3/1831 at Wem is a good place to start from

You have agreat deal more information on the astleys than I do your family is mor aristocratic compared to my working class lot but there may be connections.

Dear Dochines,

Wondering if your Astleys are linked to mine. My 4xg GF was Thomas Astley baptised 1758 at Birmingham, married Ruth Reeves in 1788 and lived in Harborne.

hi Carole,

I have also been researching the name Astley particularly from Birmingham, warwickshire and Shropshire. I should be happy to try and help you. Just let me know what you have got and I will try and point you in the right direction.

It is no too common a name and you share it with the Barons of Hastings! If you are lucky enough to link to that family you will have a ready made tree back to 1066!!

Best wishes

Hi Ian

Seasonal greetings and an apology for being slow in replying

I cannot make a connection with your Thomas with the information to hand . My earliest Astley is Thomas who died Wem and was buried 17/2/1827 his wife was Hannah . They had a child George Astley born 17 7 1774 (my 3 great grand father)

I have to say I have found the Astleys really quite difficult to sort out any help you can give will be much appreciated

Best wishes

Dear Dochines,

Web is probably too far from Birmingham to expect a connection. Anyway Thomas Astley's parents were probably Thomas & Mary probably born around 1720.

This is all new to me - but I have been interested for a long time to find out where our ASTLEY family came from - I'm living in Namibia for the past 20 + yrs.
Will be visiting Washington Co. Durham ( where my family are ) early this year & would like any tips on what I should look for while I'm there.. Regards to all Astley's - Robin. :confused:
Hi Robin


to the forum

I have traced your Paternal line back to the census years. I can expand on the info blow if required, but here are brief detais..
Robert 1935 and Mary P Stephenson - Michael R 1958, Peter D 1961, Francis R 1963

Robert J 1911 and Anne Hagan married 1934 Chester le St - Robert 1935, Anne S 1946, Catherine 1948.

1901 census
JENNINGS, Joseph Head Married M 70 1831 Retired Coal Miner Houghton Le Spring Durham
JENNINGS, Jenny Wife Married F 60 1841 Rainton Durham
JENNINGS, Joseph Son Married M 22 1879 Colliery Banksman Usworth Durham
JENNINGS, Robert Son Single M 19 1882 Colliery (Screen Man) Usworth Durham
ASTLEY, James Son-In-Law Married M 26 1875 Miner (Stone Man) Pensher Durham
ASTLEY, Hannah Daughter Married F 27 1874 Usworth Durham
ASTLEY, Joseph Grand Son Single M 4 1897 Usworth Durham
ASTLEY, Laura Grand Daughter F 1 1900 Usworth Durham
ASTLEY, Florence Grand Daughter F 0 (1 MOS) 1901 Usworth Durham

Piece:4704 Folio:18 Page:27

Registration District:Chester Le Street
Civil Parish: Great and Little Usworth
Address: 42, Old Row, Great And Little Usworth, Usworth Durham

James and Hannah (nee Jenning) had further children - James 1903, Lilian 1906, Jemima 1909 and Robert J/M 1911they then lived at 16 Edith Ave, Unsworth, Chester Le Street
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:)Thanks for the info.. I am Michael R ( Robin to everyone )
Robert & Mary are my parents - Robert Jennings Astley was my grandfather, Anne Hagan my grandmother - daughter of Alfred Hagan.. Will use this info. on my research when in England.. :)
Hi Robin
James Astley 1874 parents were Joseph 1842 of Bolton Lancs, Coal miner and Ann Mitchell 1844 of Whitehaven (married Dec qtr 1862 Whitehaven ref 10b 813 - siblings Maria 1864, Elijah 1867, Mary 1868, John 1870, Elizabeth 1873, James 1875, Joseph 1878, William 1880, Thomas 1870
1881 census ref RG11-4951-117-20

Mary P's parents Francis possibly born Jun qtr 1901 Chester le Street ref 10a 579 and Mary C Murphy b 1912 Chester le street (married A/J qtr 1935 Chester le street ref 10a 1317 - siblings Michael 1936, Joseph 1937, Edward 1941, John 1943, Elizabeth 1948 Philip J 1949 - all born Chester le Street

Mary Murphy parents - John Joseph and Rose Ann Finn married Sep qtr 1906, Gateshead ref 10a 1652