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Robin Hood County
I have a birth certificate which gives the fathers occupationas keeper of
Sun-itie? Asylum. The birth was registered in the RD of Gloucester, sub district South Hamlet, address Cambridge Street Barton St Mary, so I would think that the asylum wouldnt be to far from there but cant find anything on it. Could ska please have a look for me.

Thanks. :)
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Hello Steve,

I would say it is the Horton Rd one, now the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. That's not far from Barton St and Cambridge St, just across Metz Way.


Hi Dave and Steve,

I never thought of lunatic, then it would be the one as they did live at Cambridge Street at one time.

Again thanks. :)
Hi Julie...think the old asylum had a quote from king Lear....in which the Duke of Gloucester or Gloster as it was then who was in the play mentioned sun itie Bedlam....not sure what the quote meant but obviously the play was a massive hit centuries ago and the Duke of Gloucester played a big part in the play and somehow this quote is connected with it....my feeling is it was above the entrance SUN ITIE BEDLAM .