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Auguste Argod


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As per my previous post trying to work out which mystery French lady my great uncle was married to, I have now received the marriage certificate and it shows that Lucie Marie Louise Upson nee Argod was born in about 1896 and listed her father as:

Auguste Argod (deceased by the 1933 wedding) and his profession was listed as Stock exchange member - so not really sure what that was or where he would have done this? Am not sure where stock exchanges were back then?

It's a very uncommon French name, so would have thought it would have been easy to find, but I'm not too familiar with how the French genealogy searches work and I don't have a place of birth for either of them.

So any tips or info would be appreciated.

Have just found mentions of:

Madam and Madamoiselles Argod on the presents list for Miss Upson's marriage in 1925 and mention of

Madam Argod and family sending flowers in a 1930 obituary to Mr Upson senior.

So this would imply they were over here and there was a sister too.
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