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Awarded a coat of arms

I have discovered 2 coats of arms for the same family and another possible one. I know one was awarded to William Blythe in the 15th century and was 3 roebucks trippant, but the other that was held by John Blyth of London and Cambridge and carried down by his descendants I don't know about. I don't know if it was presented to John himself because he was a royal physician and professor of medicine at Cambridge or whether the coat of arms was a family one. There are 2 coats of arms that are similar in that they both have 3 lions rampant and one family name is Blyth and the other Blithe but one has a chevron on it. Are they likely to be the same family but different branches? How can I find when the arms were awarded and to whom?
No I didn't. Found why there were tudor roses on his tomb though. Was made for Bishop Beaumont but he was buried elsewhere. So much of the symbols on his tomb had nothing to do with him,
Sorry, Duckweed! It seems that we can't do anything these days without paying through the nose for the privilege. It's a whole lot like paying for public records like the old census data, records that have been acquired through spending public money in the first place. Ah! That's something I feel very strongly about, paying for something we already own...:eek:
I think they set it deliberately high so only those with commercial reasons for finding out such as auction firms will do it. I think they should move with the times and have pay to view and have information online.
I assume you don't mean 15 separate Blythes. Bishop John Blythe was master of Kings College, Chancellor of the University, Chaplain to King Henry VII, Master of the Rolls, and Bishop of Salisbury.

Geoffrey was Master of Kings College, Dean of York, Dean of Richmond and cannon of Lincoln Cathedral, kings special ambassador, Bishop of Lichfield Coventry and Chester, I think head of the Chancery.

Robert was Abbot of Thorney, Bishop of Connor and Down, Cannon Ely Cathedral.

George member of the inner temple lecturer at Cambridge, secretary to the council of the North, secretary and nephew to Lord Burghess.

Dr. John Blythe founder of school of medicine at Cambridge University, first emeritus professor of physik at Cambridge.

Adam Blythe, Kings Parkaar or Park keeper, kings clerk, quartermaster, chaplain at Hastings Castle.

Richard Blythe kings minstrel (Edward 1)
Richard Blythe (another one) court composer of religious music.

To name the most important ones