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Back to Blighty.


Loyal Member
Staff member
In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Well folks, I will be on my way back to blighty on the 27th June for 17 days. Got a really cheap flight and accommodation. My B&B is being supplied by my sister, god bless her.
This should work out cheaper than ordering all the BMD certs.
So while I'm over, I will hopefully get to study a heap of parish records for my paternal rellies.
It should be relatively easy, as 99% of them lived and worked in the same area. The only problem that I can see is, me. Will I be able to make sense of it all. I hope that the people at the library will be patient with me.

I think that I'll have to print, copy and photograph everything that they will allow.
So hopefully by this time in 4 weeks, I'll be back here with my whole paternal side sorted. AS IF !!!!:rolleyes:

Can't wait to get stuck in.:2fun:

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