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Bad earthquake 65 dead and still counting

Our poor Kiwi Cousins in Christchurch NZ have had another bad Quake in under 5 months.

Badly shaken survivors tell of bad swaying in buildings, the bitumen on the roads folded up like an accordion, liquid faction in the city of churches running every where, buildings toppled and badly injured in shock.

This is a beautiful city full of churches on the river Avon.

My heart goes out to these eNZedder cousins of ours just across the big ditch.

I sincerely hope there is not too many more dead found in the collapsed buildings.

Australia has sent a large contingent of search and rescue teams to help.

Oz Steve
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It is amazing which country's throughout the world are offering help in Christchurch earthquake disaster.

There has been some thing like 25 further shakes shakes the big one yesd'y.

The body count is rising and there will be many sad family's in NZ today.

Many Australian states and the federal Gov are sending sending search and rescue teams.

Christchurch is a gorgeous quaint tourist city and looks like it was taken out of England and placed in NZ, it is a very popular tourist city.
Thoughts and prayers for all concerned - so many amazing stories of bravery amid devastation emerging - it seems the whole world is topsy turvy with extreme weather these last few months.