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Baldwin Brushworks Burnley


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I am a descendant of William and John Baldwin - and am wanting to research further into Baldwin Brushworks but wondered if anyone would be kind enough to suggest informative links to find information. Sadly most of the knowledgeable's have 'left' the family. Now is the time for me to delve deeper but some initial starter pointers on where to hunt would be very much appreciated. Just 'google' gives minimal! Thank you
My father in law was the 2x gt grandson of John Baldwin(1834-1900) & Mary(nee; Lord)1834-1893).

Will get back to you soon..(y)



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There is a huge story on John Baldwin when he died, also a sketch of him included in the article. It is to large to post here but below are the details of the paper who carried the story.

Date: Saturday, Nov. 3, 1900
Publication: Burnley Express (Burnley, England)Issue: 3057

This is the sketch


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p.risboy - I am the great great grandson of John Baldwin! (our family tree book has him as (1833-1900).
gibbo - that sketch is very good - close to the original photo!
Any info on the Brushworks would be brilliant. TIA