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Baptism Gap


Hi, I think I have found my grt x 5 grandfather's parents, but I am not 100% sure...

I have a William Row on the 1841 census for St Ives, Cornwall, as being aged 55. This would make his birth date circa 1786. As ages were rounded down to the next 5 years, this would make his birth date between 1782 and 1786. So far so good. So I looked at the baptisms for St Ives and there were only these William Rows baptised as follows: 3 November 1745; 6 June 1791; and 1 January 1738. I found the one baptised in 1738 died the same year, so that rules him out. The first one in 1745 would be too early, so that leaves the William Row baptised on 6 June 1791, to Anthony and Margaret.

However, this would make him between 5 and 9 years of age when he was baptised. The rest of Anthony and Margarets' children were baptised between 1770 and 1777.

So... (and sorry if this is a bit drawn out), would a child be baptised at an older age, especially in times when there was a high mortality rate for children? And, hypothetically, if my William was born in 1782, that is still quite a gap between him and the preceding baptism.

And... looking at the naming patterns of the time, my William Row didn't call any of his children after his father or his mother or any of his siblings... So, have I got the right William Row?

I hope the above makes sense, and I would be extremely grateful for anyone's thoughts on this, as my brain is starting to hurt :)

Many thanks for your time
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