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Baptism records


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Looking for opinions on this puzzle.

Thomas WILMOTT & Mary BUTLER marry on 26 Mar 1769. There is a baptism at the same church for a Giles WILMOTT on 28 Feb 1770 son of Thomas & Mary. No age on the record.

There is a marriage at the same church for a Giles WILLMOTT on 25 Aug 1782. No age on the record.

Giles didn't marry at age 12 so what are the possibilities and the probabilities?

1. There are two Giles but one was not baptised or the record of the 2nd one is missing.

2. Giles was at least 6 years old when baptised. Then why no age on the record and why didn't he marry using his mother's name if therefore born before his parents married?

3. ?


Hello Steve,

As far as I'm aware we don't know the father of Thomas or any of his siblings. It seems Thomas remarried in 1772 and that Giles was the only child not that a burial for Mary has been found.

If a baptism record lists no age can you assume with what degree of confidence that the child was aged under 1 year? Can we say 90% of the time or 50% of the time?

If a person is illegit what's the chance of them marrying and not using their mother's name?

I have five in my tree from the same area who were illegit and who did use their mother's name when they married. Just because I happen to have five does not make me say it's happens 90% of the time or whatever.

I've not had enough dealings with 18thC records to know the likelihood of certain events hence I'm seeking opinions.

Ok, I'll give my opinion based on the evidence I have.

The baptism was less then one year after the marriage and it listed no age so I think that Giles was born after his parents married therefore he is not the one who married 12 years later.

For the Giles who did marry in 1872 we have no baptism, no age at marriage and parents unknown.

We have a death for one Giles on 9 Oct 1800 and no sign of a marriage for the one baptised in 1770.