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Baptist Tabernacle.


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swindon wilts

The impresive old Tabernacle building in the heart of old Swindon was pulled down in 1978....building on the left of the cenotaph(which is still there).
Swindon Council sold it to a rich American who wanted to rebuild it stone for stone in the States.
Made of Bath stone i remember Saturday mornings gawping at this fine building.
Alas the gentlemen did not get building permision and for the last 22 years it has been left to collect moss in a Wiltshire field.
It was hoped the council may buy it back cheaply and rebuild it in Swindon as every piece has been numbered so building it would be easy...alas it seems this wont be happening now due to current money worries.
Seeing as the Natinonal Trust has just built its head office in the Town maybe would be great if they would aquire it and bring it back to life.
Maybe it is not really stately enough for them:mad:
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