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Being too clever!


dovercourt but born Enfield
Found a link to a relative called Tom Muspratt, and being to clever by half I thought I know Tom is short for Thomas so search for marriage under that name ...... nadda nowt just couldn't get any results. So finally tried the Tom Muspratt and found the right one!!

So I can only surmise that some people must actually be christened Tom

Yep.....my friend had his son registered, and baptised Tom.....not Thomas. Found quite a few Tom's in the parish registers.

Henry/Harry is the one that gets me, everytime.:mad::2fun:

I've yet to find a 'Harry' baptism, but there's time.:2fun:
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Just because on the record it says Tom......dosn't mean it wasn't Thomas;)

Some of these church people who recorded such things were lazy or deaf at times:)