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Benjamin Ives. Newspaper articles.


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In Ireland, but born Bucks.
Could some kind soul search for newspapers regarding this name. Anything at all, from the 1800's(or earlier, if possible), to the 1900's, in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire.

There is a link with this name between the two counties, but so far I've drawn a blank to prove it.

There are several Benjamin Ives in the hunt, from births ranging from 1720's to the mid 1900's.

Buckinghamshire Towns and villages include High Wycome, Chipping Wycombe, West Wycombe, Great Missenden, Hughenden, Towersey, Kingsey, Radnage, Colnbrook, Princes Risborough, but there may be others.

Oxfordshire Towns and villages are Thame, Sydenham, Stokenchurch, Chinnor and Emmington, and again, there maybe others.

I have been trying to connect the Oxfordshire Ives to the Buckinghamshire Ives, but not a sniff of a certain connection.

The Ives mob, in the very late 1600's and early 1700's, and beyond, had land and farms in both counties, but unable to fix an exact link between the two families.

Benjamin Ives is a name that carries across the the two counties, but there other names also, but this one stands out.

I have so much info on all these Benjamin Ives's, but can't connect the two families. It's there, I know it is, but can't prove it, as yet.

Ages aren't important, it's mostly locations, property and dates of newspapers I need.

I know it's asking a lot, but anything that may give me a clue will help, no matter how small.

Please PM(Private message) me for my email address to send anything that's found. unless it don't breach copyright rules, then post it here.

Thanks folks.:)

Marriages Jun Qtr 1851
Ives Benjamin Thame 16 179
Hook Ann Thame 16 179

The Bucks Herald, etc (Aylesbury, England) - Saturday, April 26, 1851; pg. 8; Issue 1003.
22 inst at Baptist Chapel Towersey both of above place

'Ives' is not much fun - finding too much stuff in Cornwall. :biggrin:

Not much Steve that will help you connect the two families.
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Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England) - Saturday, March 29, 1873; Issue 6261.
... Benjamin Ives; Northleigh, ...

Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, May 18, 1878
Stewards, Benjamin Ives, jun, ...

Jackson's Oxford Journal (Oxford, England) - Saturday, May 20, 1876
Stewards, Benjamin Ives, sen, ...
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Have found one in Bucks Herald, 1851, seems to have a carting accident, gives his employer. Any interest in that sort of thing, Steve?
Anything is good, no matter what it is,

The 'latest' Benjamin Ives(1815.Towersey), left Towersey, Bucks, and married in Hughenden in 1841, just before the census, he had children there, and eventually had more in High Wycombe, before moving onto Colnbrook, then Clewer, and finally ran the Sebastopol Inn, in Clewer. Before that, he was a bailiff.

Oh, he married Ann Parish, of the Parish of Hughenden.:rolleyes::biggrin:

Towersey, Bucks is on the Oxfordshire boundary, what I call 'bandit country', because the powers that be, deemed it in the reg district of Thame or Wycombe, as time went on.

The newspapers, which I have never mastered(like the TNA), so I rely heavily on the experts.:)

I have most of the IVES pr's for all of Bucks, so b/m/d's are not much problem, if they stay in Bucks.

Gibbo found some good bits and pieces for some other Ives's, a while ago, with property sales, and they answered a whole heap of questions.

So, if anything turns up for Ives(not in Cornwall....:rolleyes: :biggrin: ), I will be sooooo Grateful.

Thanks again folks.

Thanks Barbara & Dave, great newspaper bits and bobs.

The reported death of Alive Ives in 1858(Kidlington), has resulted in another trail of Ives relatives. That being, the baptism of Alice Ives's husband, Benjamin Ives, the fruit of a union between Phillis Ives and John Bates. Benjamin Ives was baptised in 1813 (b.1801)@ Cuddington, where John Bates(widower) and, Phillis Ives(single) married in Aug 1801.

I suppose if widowed, someone could be deemed as single.:rolleyes:

Phillis Greenwood, married John Ives in 1767. Cuddington, Bucks. Not found the death/burial for John Ives, as yet, but I hope it was before 1801.:rolleyes::2fun:
2 children baptised to John & Phillis Ives in Cuddington, but of Ehtrop(Ethrope), in the Parish of Waddesdon.

Anyway, all the newspaper reports have led to a new search for rellies.;)

If anyone can find anything else, the more the merrier.

Thanks again my ole' muckers.:)


Just thought I'd post this.;)

From BucksFHS Parish regs.

Cuddington. St Nicholas.
21 Apr 1767
John IVES, Bachelor of Waddesdon
Phillis X GREENWOOD, Spinster of this parish
Witnesses John Carter Mary Rose
by Banns.

1 Aug 1767.Waddesdon. St Michael & All Angels. Banns.
Phillis GREENWOOD of Cuddington

30 Aug 1801. Waddesdon. St Michael & All Angels.
John BATES, Widower of Ashendon
Phillis IVES, Spinster of this parish
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I would worry there was another Phyllis Ives as she married twice in the same parish. But sure you have worried about that too, Steve.

Will take another look, see if I can find owt else.

Just found a Benjamin Ives who was beerhouse keeper at Sebastopol Beerhouse at Clewers Hill in 1883. In Reading paper as got clunked over head with poker for asking for money due to him and only including as 1.9 miles from Eton, Bucks.

Just found a Benjamin Ives who was beerhouse keeper at Sebastopol Beerhouse at Clewers Hill in 1883. In Reading paper as got clunked over head with poker for asking for money due to him and only including as 1.9 miles from Eton, Bucks.


Yes, he is the Benjamin Ives who married Ann Parish in Hughenden, and left a trail of baptisms for his children from Hughenden to Clewer. He was the man who was a Bailiff in the previous census, until he saw the light to go into the Pub trade, and then got his light knocked out with a poker for his troubles.:rolleyes:

Is there a reference to who knocked him out, and the year please please.:)

I think he's the one who was fined for driving his cart too fast, and was fined 10 shillings, and also he maybe the one who caught the poultry poachers.
There are 3 Benjamin Ives in the mix for those events, as they all lived in the same area at that time. Hughenden, Naphill, Prestwood and Princes Risborough(Lacey Green), and Kingshill.

I'm struggling with my internet, so I may be offline for a few days, so don't think I've abandoned you all.:biggrin:
Also a John Moore assaulted a Benjamin Ives at Horton 19 Feb 1870 in the Windsor and Eton Express and am sending you another one by email

Nice to come back to something tho Dave. I love it when I post on the Australian board and go to bed. Get up in the morning to reams of info!
Steve has downloaded too many movies and eaten up all his allowance. :biggrin: Well, something like that.
Steve has downloaded too many movies and eaten up all his allowance. :biggrin: Well, something like that.

Nah, I'd rather buy the DVD.:biggrin:

Anyway, I'm back on the internet, now that my monthly 'allowance' has kicked in.

No Burial for Benjamin Ives in Bucks, which is not a surprise as he lived In Berkshire.:rolleyes:......but his wife, Ann(Parish), is still at the Sebastapol Inn in 1901, and she dies in 1907.

I did wonder if all the assaults, had a bearing on his health, but dying several years after those(1889 ), it would seem he was made of tougher stuff.

Thanks again for the news paper items, Barbara & Dave, it all adds to his life story.O0

I forgot to mention, that the Phillis Ives, who married John Bates, was baptised when she was 20 years old.........so she was single at time of marriage.

St Michael & All Angels, Waddeesdon - 16 Jul 1791 - Phillis Ives, aged 20, child of John & Ann IVES of Waddesdon, both dec'd.

And the Kidlington(Friendly Society) connection is for Benjamin Ives(c1802.Cuddington) and Alice Ives,(c1802(nee.Burgoyne)), Kidlington, Oxon. They married in 1824@Kidlington, with a son Benjamin Ives, being born c1833. Kidlington, Oxon.

Cuddington Baptism - 7 Nov 1813 - Benjamin, born Nov 1801. baseborn son of John BATES & Philis IVES of Cuddington, Labourer. (Strange this, as John Bates and Phillis Ives, married in August, 1801). ???

Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else is interested.:rolleyes:

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