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Best method for finding war time records


New member
Hi all,

I'm very new to all this. My farther recently died, and whilst clearing out his house stumbled some war medals from both the first and second world wars.
They are all pretty bog standard medals, but I'm trying to research the wartime activity of my uncles, on my Mother's side, who were in the Army, Navy and Air Force in WW2, and my Great Uncle who was in the Army in WW1.

I joined Forces War Records which turned up a bit. And all the other avenues of research require shelling out money for results they can't guarantee.

Just wondered if any of you had some pointers as to the best route to take.

Big thanks in advance.
Hello and welcome to the Forum.

WWI a but easier than WWII but I'll leave this to members who have gone through the process of obtaining such records.

Oh i didn't check which country are you referring to with the military records? I was assuming the UK without checking if that was right.