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This one again.

Betty c. 7 Mar 1790 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
Richard OXLEE of Dean End
Batch: C395220

Betty c. 10 Feb 1787 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
David OXLEE of Kirkburton
Batch: C395229

Betty Oxley & Charles Booth
9 Jun 1805 Kirkburton, All Hallows
Wit: John Oxley; John Woodhouse

James ARMITAGE & Elizabeth OXLEY
23 Sep 1811 Kirkburton, Yorkshire

No. 190
James Armitage of the Parish Kirkheaton
Elizabeth Oxley of this Parish
Married in this Church by Banns
this 23 Day of September 1811 By me O. Lodge Curate
Both by their mark
Witnesses: John Hardcastle, Jas. Booth

HO107 Piece/Book 1273/1 Folio 8 Page 10
Civil Parish: Almondbury
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Almondbury
ED: 1
Address: Newsom
James Armitage 50 Stone Mason Y
Betty 50 Y
Martha 15 Y

Deaths Dec Qtr 1843
ARMITAGE Betty Huddersfield 22 161

29 Oct 1843 Betty Armitage aged 54, Huddersfield, Almondbury All Hallows, bur.

HO107 Piece/Book 1277/6 Folio 38 Page 27
Civil Parish: Kirk Burton
County: Yorkshire (West Riding)
Registration District: Huddersfield
Sub-RD: Kirkburton
ED: 2
Address: Dean End
Charles Booth 55 Clothier Y
Betty 50 Y
Folio 39 Page 28
Benjn 25 Cl Y
Mary 20 Y
David 10 Y
Ann 10 Y
Betty 5 Y
Richard Lockwood 25 Y

Deaths Jun Qtr 1849
Booth Betty Huddersfield 22 269

24 Jun 1849 Betty Booth aged 62, Kirkburton, All Hallows, bur.

We seem to have evidence that conflicts so can these two ever be sorted? Witnesses at the marriages have been no help so far. A baptism for a John Oxley? Using age at burial we get one combination and using abode Dean End we get the other. ???

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John Oxley
Christening Date 10 Nov 1776 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
Father's Name Richard Oxley
Batch: C395219

John Oxley
Christening Date 1786 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
Father's Name Francis Oxley
Batch: C395220
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Looking at the Kirkburton registers it seems David Oxley married Nanny Crosley 1782 and they had children Mally 1784; Betty 1787 and Nanny 1791.
Mally is a diminutive for Mary and Nanny for Ann.

In the 1841 census Betty Booth has children Mary, David & Ann, suggesting that this Betty is the daughter of David Oxley.

Richard Oxley of Dean End had children Martha 1781 (she is erroneously transcribed as William on Anc, the child on the next line of the register); Hannah 1784;Jonathan 1787 and Betty 1790.

In 1841 Betty Armitage has one child living with her, Martha, suggesting this Betty is the daughter of Richard Oxley.

Thanks Elaine.

Using age at death and names of children that would seem right. That's the way my tree shows it with a ?

The conflicting piece to that is Richard of Dean End and the Booth family living at Dean End.

Too many John Oxleys for the witness to be of any help.

I can't think of anything else to look at. One used Elizabeth when she married.

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Just a thought :-
looking at Charles Booth at Dean End in 1851, next door is an Elija Armitage aged 82 yr, i.e. b ~1769. He was also at Dean End 1841.

A James Armitage s.o. Elija was bapt. Kirkburton 1789 so would be 52 in 1841 so correct to possibly be the one you have in the 1841 census.

So if Elija Armitage moved his family to Dean End when James was young he would have come into contact with the Dean End Oxleys and met Betty d.o. Richard.

Thanks very much Elaine.

With the death of James Armitage before 1851 I had no real idea which baptism of several fitted best for him. I looked at those living next door to him in 1841 but did not look to see who was living next door to Charles Booth.

Children of James & Betty


"I found a baptism in Kirkburton for a Mary Armitage 2.3.1812 (born 7.2.1812) d/o James & Betty.
Abode: Highburton. No other details given."

No. 616 1816 May 12th Thomas Son of James Armitage & Betty Oxley Newsome Mason W. ? H. ? Smith

No. 1251 1819 May 9th Chas. Son of James & Betty Armitage Newsome Mason H. Smith

James c. 18 Nov 1821 Almondbury

Baptised 14.3.1824 Martha Armitage d/o James, a mason & Betty (nee Oxley) abode: Newsome