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Version française


Nous sommes les descendants d’un homme (semble-t-il d’origine française) venu s’installer en Ecosse, qui s’est marié avec une fille écossaise en mars 1882. Ils ont eu plusieurs enfants, dont les descendants habitent en Ecosse, en Angleterre, aux Etats-Unis, au Canada et en Espagne.

Le nom de cette personne, tel que cité dans les archives écossaises, est Gustave/Agustus Julien BIRDWISA.

Ce monsieur était illettré, ne sachant ni lire ni écrire. Néanmoins, des souvenirs de famille rapportent qu'il était convaincu que l’orthographe de son nom était incorrecte. Serait-t-il possible que son nom fût BOURDOISEAU ou BOURDOISANT ou BOURDOISE ? Un inconnu a placé son nom dans le «International Genealogical Index», donnant pour date de naissance 1844, en France.

Nous espérons que des Bourdoiseau, Bourdoisant ou Bourdoise vivant en France reconnaîtront notre ancêtre. Nous pensons que le père de Gustave s’appelait Victor et sa mère Marie Louise ou Louise. Sa mère s'est remariée après le décès de Victor, et a pris le nom de famille de son nouvel époux, Russell (?).

The 1911 Scottish census has just been released. It gives his first name as Agustus born in Normandy, France. The IGI gives his date of birth as 12th November 1844. Can anyone do a look up and confirm ?

Please forward to anyone you think may be able to help.

Merci, thank you.

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English version


We are descended from a man who settled in Scotland and married a Scottish girl in March 1882. They had numerous children whose descendants now live in Scotland, England, USA, Canada and Spain.

This man's name is recorded in Scottish records as Gustave/Agustus Julien BIRDWISA, but he couldn't read or write and told his children that 'Birdwisa' was not the right way to write his name.

Could it be that his name was really BOURDOISEAU or BOURDOISANT or BOURDOISE? Someone, we don't know who, has entered him on the International Genealogical Index as having been born in France, in 1844.

We hope that some modern day French people called Bourdoiseau or Bourdoisant or Bourdoise might find this group and recognise our ancestor as a member of their own family tree. Gustave's father may have been called Victor; his mother may have been called Marie Louise or Louise, and she may have remarried after Victor's death to someone with a surname similar to Russell.
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