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Birth before marriage


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Here's a tricky one.

Isabell Harriett Lockie was born July-Aug-Sept 1853. Her dad was William Henry Lockie. She married William Bennett in 1872 (context for the question)...ok so far then it gets tricky.

According to research her dad William Henry was a bachelor according to the marriage banns I have when he married Harriet Kilby/Baird/Beard (several different spellings) a widower in 1857.

As far as I can see ive got the right William occupations match on marriage banns for daughter and his marriage banns...his dad was called Gilbert deceased in 1857 and listed as a gardener at the time of his sons marriage.

Ive got info for Isabell when she was married but cant find anything for her prior to the marriage on census and electoral registers

But how can that be when he wasnt married before and Isabell was born 4 years before her dad got married!!!!!

Help any suggestions????
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