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Birth Certificate and Mother's Surnames


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Hi everyone,

I've been resarching my family history on and off for some time. After years of getting no where on my grandfather's side I've had a few new lines to follow.
One thing I just want to confirm is the details I have on a birth certificate.
On the Mother's surname I have a "late" and "formerly" name as well as the current surname.
Am I right to assume the "formerly" relates to orginial surname and the "late" is one that is from either divorce or widowed?

I've never had this before and might seem quite obvious, but I'd like to reseach the other name too and see if there is a marriage certificate I can find for that, so if anyone can confirm it would be much appreaciated.
Many thanks!
How is it listed on the certificate? Does formerly come first and then late? Are you able to post a snippet of the certificate where it has these or post exactly how its written on the cert.?
I have a marriage certificate where the bride was married 3 times. She was a widow when married for the second time. On the 3rd marriage, stated as follows.

Formerly ........
Late ......
Divorced wife of ......

I would say she was widowed and remarried.
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