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Birth Certificate for Thomas Clarke

I am really struggling to find information on my great grandmother Julia and her son Thomas. Her surname is suspect either Clarke or Jacques. Therefore I am attacking it via my grandfather and his brother. Unfortunately Julia was a bit of a girl and all three of her children were illegitimate. On my grandfathers birth certificate it has her as Julia Clarke and no father and I can find both her and my grandfathers brothers all living in the same house in 1911. My grandfather was head of household. His brother Thomas Clarke, I have his death certificate and his marriage certificate. His birth date is 3rd Feb 1901 but try as I might I cannot find any details on any of the sites I look in for a birth registry therefore cannot order a birth certificate. I have moved the date a couple of years either side. Can anyone help as I've reached a roadblock?


Loyal Member
Do you have a place of birth for them and could we have the other kids names to please, it just helps narrow things down a little with Clarke been a common name? Also where does the name Jacques come into it please.
Julia Clarke (GGM) was listed on the 1911 census aged 47, which would put her birth date around 1864, she is listed as single and living with her eldest son, William. I have her death certificate D: 04/02/1938 living 1 back 208 watery lane, Birmingham. It lists her as a widow to Thomas Clarke Sr? I have found a birth certificate but I am unsure whether this is correct for 25/01/1864

The story has it that my GM believed my GF's surname to be Jacques when they first met, was Julia living with a Jacques perhaps? Philip Jacques was a witness at my grandparents marriage?

Her sons:

William (my GF) B: 06/12/1886 5 Sheep Street, Birmingham, D: 29/03/1937. He married Susan Sheppard 07/06/1908 however despite there being no father listed on his birth certificate, William Clarke was listed as his father on the marriage certificate!

Thomas B:03/02/1901, M: Edith Lomas 29/10/1927, D: 16/09/1975. I have yet to find Thomas's birth certificate, however his death certificate gives his DOB. His Marriage certificate confuses things all the more as it lists a Thomas Clarke as his father?

Alfred B: 1897 - I have as yet found nothing

There was also talk in the family of another son 'Tonna' or Tona', whether this was a nickname or another son I'm not sure.

All family were born in Birmingham
Is this them in 1911 ?

LJ: Yes, this is my family in the 1911 census, which I have found previously and helped with a lot of information.

GRO Reference: 1864 M Quarter in BIRMINGHAM Volume 06D Page 197

LJ: I have this birth certificate, it was the only reference to Julia I could find

Marriages Dec 1860
Clarke Joseph Birmingham 6d 297
Pemberton Julia Birmingham 6d 297
LJ: I haven't got this, so thank you for that, will place an order. It may also give me another route to take to see if they had any additional children

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