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Birth Dates


My late father in law always celebrated his birthday on 22nd February. Only realised last night that going by the QLD bmd that is appears his birth was in fact the 24th Feb.

His ww2 military records states GIBSON CHARLES WILLIAM : Service Number - Q50211 : Date of birth - 22 Feb 1912 : Place of birth - ROMA QLD : Place of enlistment - TOWNSVILLE QLD : Next of Kin - GIBSON HANNA

His burial states
Charles William Gibson
BIRTH 22 Feb 1912
Queensland, Australia
DEATH6 Dec 2001 (aged 89)
Brisbane, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
Wondai Cemetery
Wondai, South Burnett Region, Queensland, AustraliaPLOTLawn, Row H, #43

QLD birth
Birth registration: Charles William Gibson
Birth date: 24/02/1912
Mother's name: Elizabeth Emily Laycock
Father/parent's name: George Gibson
Registration details: 1912/C/8736

I have sent a query to QLD bmd and see if they can confirm a date of birth for him or if it's a error with the indexes.
Interesting gibbo.

I know of hundreds of errors in NSW index but so far I've found very few in the Qld. index.

I've been away for 5 days to Batemans Bay.
Oh we probably just been celebrating his birthday 2 days early for decades :ROFLMAO: Tho will say if the 24th is right i don't think he ever knew. He passed 20 years ago so can't ask him now:oops:
BMD going to get back to me. Not that is makes any big difference but wanting to know for interest sake.
My late father's birthday was the 24th Feb, so coincidence if my father in laws was the same day to and not 2 days apart. Different years tho.
Guess if the index is wrong they will fix the error.
I've been waiting three years for NSW to update the index to fix things they agreed were errors.


Death 5787/1883 BRAY MARY A - JOSEPH - ANN - WEST MACQUARIE * 31 Apr 1883


Should be Richard.

I have hundreds of queries. I'm waiting for the State election on 25 March before I write to the new Justice Minister re the failure to update the index and to find out if the govt is really serious about finding and fixing errors.
So if appears QLD bmd are no better than any of the other states. Won't even check it out which i find baffling as how would they know if a error had been made or not when transcribed AND " Due to security concerns, our office is unable to perform searches and provide registration information through email or telephone." yet i can obtain the certificate online :confused: I'm bloody annoyed :oops: edited.. just sent a request form in for change of information but don't think it's going to do much.

Thank you for your email to the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Due to security concerns, our office is unable to perform searches and provide registration information through email or telephone.

The information on a historical record is what was correct at the time of event. Read our corrections policy and use the request form to:

  • correct information copied into our historical index
  • make sure the record is the one you want to purchase
  • give us feedback about the family history research service.
After we have reviewed your request, we will let you know how we can help you.

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Guess we, and including Charlie himself, had been celebrating his birthday on the wrong day :eek:
The Registry has reviewed your enquiry and the birth registration for Charles, and advise his date of birth is the 24th February 1912.
I have attached a copy of the original birth registration application form, signed by Charles’s father, which clearly states the date of birth as the 24th February 1912.
I understand there has been other documentation and celebrations on a different date, however the registration has been completed directly from the original document and cannot be changed.
Ok so i figure they knew i was not letting go of this and they sent me a copy of the original document also :oops:
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The lady who sent this email to me was a different person to the first reply i got. After i got the first reply i emailed them back and i guess someone different got it and did her job, and did it well to. Still can't believe she also sent me a copy of the original. I like lady #2 :)
It will be April before I attack the NSW Registry. Need about a week after the election to wait for the new Justice Minister to be sworn in. I'm going right to the top. There are just too many errors in the index. Many are a difference of one day between the index and the date in death notices.
It's annoying when official records are not correct. I had a battle with Royal Brisbane hospital after i had my treatment, they had a error in my paperwork and i fought to have it removed and apparently they are not allowed to destroy medical records even if there is wrong information BUT they can correct it on a fresh updated report. Took a few emails but i had all the proof i needed to show it was incorrect and i won the battle and a fresh new report was made up. Disheartening when i was trying to recover and had to deal with all that on top of it but i wasn't about to let it slide:rolleyes:
Yeah. That would be annoying. Lots of reasons why there are errors and no reasons for others.

Birth 5282/1857 NIQUET MALE - JOHN P - ANNE E - BRISBANE - MORETON BAY * 19 Dec 1857 ?

Other records have the date as 19 Dec 1856. Age 15mo here:

Ballarat Old Cemetery
NIQUET WILLIAM HECTOR J* 15MTH 31/03/1858 Area B Section 9 Row 2 Grave 2

Qld. BMD have confirmed the date as 19 Dec 1856.
1857/B0252 Niquet Unnamed (M) John Peter Ann Eliza Noble * 19 Dec 1856
Hope when this new fella gets in you have some luck with getting things corrected. Sounds like they need to employ someone to just do corrections.

Other records have the date as 21 May. Death notice published 23 May.

Died after the death notice was published.
They could have had one person at a computer anywhere in NSW for the last three years with access to the records which are on-line and with authority to authorise corrections for the index to be updated.
Death 2694/1879 MARTIN HENRY C - THOMAS - EMMA - GLEBE * 5 Jul ?

Other records have DOD as 3 Jul and burial as 4 Jul.

With others you can't tell if the index is wrong.

Death 5166/1867 McCABE JAMES - PATRICK - MARGARET - GOULBURN * 23 Oct ?

The headstone in the Old Goulburn Cemetery is clearly carved 22 OCT.

The mason may have carved the wrong date.