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Births at sea

I am searching for information on Margaret Hand who was born at sea in 1811. Her father, Patrick, was a soldier in the British Army, so I am thinking that she may have been born on the way to the Peninsular Wars in Spain. I do not know the name of her mother or the vessel in which she was born. Does anyone have any advice on how I can find out more about her.
Hi Marilyn,

The National Archives at Kew hold a lot of info on the miltary. It maybe worthwhile to see if you can get Patricks Army record (dont know whether his record still exists).

Did Margaret live in England and did she marry? On the 1851 census I found a Margaret Tritt born abt 1811 at sea widow, occ teacher of music living in Newington, Surrey.

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Many thanks for your advice. What I do know about Magaret is that she married William Brickley on 28 January 1841 in the Virginia Street Chapel, Stepney. She is listed as a spinster at her marriage.
William died in 1879. I know they had at least 2 children, William and Jane. Son, William, emigrated to Australia with his wife, Amelia Emma Newell (2nd marriage - first to Langridge), and their children in 1885. I found Margaret on the 1881 Census living with her daughter, Jane Watts, and her husband, John Watts, but have not looked in earlier censuses. Would you have access to them on my behalf? I really would appreciate it.
I would find it difficult to visit Kew as I live in Australia. And it would be difficult to find Margaret's mother and father without knowing what ship they were on.
Many thanks for your efforts on my behalf. It has confirmed their Irish ancestry for me. I will try to work out why the ages are different, although I am sure they are the right people, especially the 1861 entry. I believe Margaret's parents were Irish, which is probably why she says she was born there.
Interestingly, William and his family unofficially changed their name to Berkeley on arrival in Australia.
Hi Marilyn,

Could Patrick have been in the navy instead of the army. St. Dunstans Stepney was the offical Royal Naval church for London and all sea births were registered there. On the National Archives at Kew under Nelson/Trafalgar there is a Patrick Hand age 24 born County Louth Ireland occ Landsman see link below. The 2nd link is threads for the name Stepney etc, scroll down to Stepney dear Mrs Stepney.



That is a fantastic lead. He may very well be the right Patrick Hand and would be about the right age. However, I need to remain cautious as his daughter listed her father's profession on her marriage certificate as a 'soldier'.
Thank you very much for going to so much bother on my behalf. I will definitely have to arrange a trip to England now to follow up these leads.
Re: Amelia Emma Langridge (nee Newell)

Post for Marilyn: I read that your partner is a descendant of Amelia Langridge and Brickley; my Great Gandfather William Robert Langridge, was Amelia and John Langridge's firstborn son. Born in Mile End Old Town, in 1864. He emigrated to South Africa, probably to the diamond fields in Kimberley, marrying Louisa Rohland in 1890. Sadly he died from TB in Johannesburg in 1894. I am still trying to find out if he emigrated with friends, or an uncle... Have read that Amelia subsequently married Brickley and see they are in NSW!
Hello Rose,
It is really interesting to hear what happened to Amelia's eldest son, but a very sad tale. Amelia's family had mixed fortunes in Australia. Their youngest child, William Ernest Brickley was killed in France in the first world war, and his son, William Clyde Brickley, was killed in the second world war in Papua New Guinea. I managed to find a very poor quality photo of the son, and both of their war records.
My partner, Tony, is descended from Amelia's daughter, Margaret Jane, and I have a lovely photo of her. She married John Bertram Booth in 1912 and had Marjorie Amelia Booth, who had no children, and William Herbert Booth, known as Bill, my partner's dad.
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