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Bishops House and semi computer literates


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Well Yesterday I trudged off as a witch and made witch masks with the children. Thursday we had an event for National Tree day and had over 300 visitors. Next week I am attempting to get the local hsitory groups together. Should be fun with such a wealth of knowledge and research. Who knows where it will lead?

This is why online sites are so great where knowledge can be shared.

Unfortunately there are some people who for some strange reason think computers are not for them using such lame excuses as "I am too old".
I've met loads of people on these sites in their 80s.

Then there are those who have email address but never read their emails and never use their computer for research. I find this all very strange. I am not exactly in my teenage years and admit I text so slowly it would be easier to deliver the message in person, but have never given my age as a reason for not learning to text faster, purely that besides my children I have no one to text to.

Why if you have an email address wouldn't you read your emails? Would you leave your post to pile up by the letter box for a month before opening them? Why is there this terror of being computer literate?

Anyway, because not all the local historians use the internet, it is hard to ask them for information. They are never in if you phone and with my disability I don't go out much in the winter so find it hard to post things. We have several local history groups so I can't just attend their meetings as I would have to be out every day of the week.

I personally couldn't do my research without a computer. There are so many old documents and books free to download that would take me days of searching for but are there instantly and searched through instantly. My brother who started family research before there were many online sites to search could travel hundreds of miles and spend loads of money to find he was on a wild goose chase. Family research used to cost thousands unless you were lucky to live near the archive and parish records of your family.

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