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Blanche Mildred COOK


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Marriages Dec 1859
Cook William Birmingham 6d 309
Upton Eliza Birmingham 6d 309

Births Mar 1861
COOK Blanche Milldred Birmingham 6d 223

Civil parish: Birmingham
RD: Birmingham
Sub-RD: All Saints
William Cook head age 59 ? occ stationary emp 32 men born Ludlow Shropshire
Eliza wife age 25 born Tamworth Warwickshire
Blanche M dau age 3mths born Birmingham Warwickshire

The family arrived between 1861 & Aug 1866. ???

Birth in Queensland: 1866/C01326 Cook Madeline Sarah - William - Eliza Upton

Death 1880/C02072 Cook William - - ** born England aged about 45 years

Death 1905/B06197 Cook Eliza - William Upton - Mary Hollis


Thanks gibbo. ;)

I didn't know they had a son William.

Curious wording. No mention of his father but mother had also died.
I think i stuffed up and made a boo redf) He isnt one of your lot :rolleyes:

QLD death indexes

1922/F1817 William Cook William Cook Eliza Warmington
1918/C4329 William Thomas Cook John Cook Jane Harwood
I think you did. :2fun: It is a very common name.

Married in 1859, had one daughter in England then several children in Queensland, but not a son William.
I'm sorry :biggrin: Gee i nearly had a huge side track on someone else's family:eek: :2fun::2fun:

Ok back to square one :2fun::2fun:
Ok take 2 ........... See how i go this time :biggrin: Yeah i know you probably seen this already BUT at least i have the right family this time :2fun::2fun:

The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939)
Saturday 21 February 1885

KILNER-COOK.-On the 17th February, at Christ Church. Milton, by the Itov. W. Kildahl, William ('. H. Kilner, third son of the late Henry Kilner, of Ipswich, to Blanche Mildred Cook, daughter of William Cook, sculptor, of North Ipswioh.

No luck yet with a passenger list but im still looking.
Your William Cook was the only William Cook to die in 1880. He death reg. is 24 June 1880. There is a newspaper article about his death in the
The Capricornian (Rockhampton, Qld : 1875 - 1929)
Saturday 3 July 1880.

Its quiet hard to read but has no info on when he arrived. It does state he died on Meteor Downs where he worked. He is also states they buried him in the property cemetery.
Eliza died on the 25 Novemeber 1905.

Found her burial

Cemetery: Toowong Cemetery
Cook Eliza interred date 26 / 11 / 1905 age Unknown
portion 18 section 96 grave 12

Just incase you didnt already have it :biggrin:
Thanks gibbo. :) I didn't have Eliza's burial.

I'll go read that article now.

Found it on p.11.
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Back to this one.

William was originally a 'statuary' = sculptor

He should be aged about 33 and I can't find trace of any other children apart from Blanche arriving with parents.

Civil Parish: Birmingham
County: Warwickshire
Registration District: Birmingham
Sub-RD: All Saints
COOK William Head 59 [33?] Stationary emp 32 men Ludlow Shropshire
Eliza Wife 25 Tamworth Warwickshire
Blanche M dau 3mths Birmingham Warwickshire

Family arrived in Australia between May 1861 & 20 Aug 1866. ???