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Blooding Surname info.

United States
Hi I'm Debra Blooding, I'm looking for any info on the name Blooding. I was told that the name could have came fron Irland or Germany. I am mostly German, Irish, Swettish and English, beside being a Heinz 57. I have reletives in the Revoluationary War and World War 1. I am having trouble finding info. on this name considering its so unusual. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Debra

I tried Googling but only the name Blood came up, so it could be another form of Blood or a corruption of another name its hard to tell. As you say it is an unusual name and not many in the USA with that name, so I would think tha all the people with the Blooding surname in the USA are related (you'll probaly correct me on that one). It could be that the first settlers name has been mistranscribed.

Sorry I couldnt be of more help, but if I find anything will let you know.
Blooding in middle english was a metonymic occupational term for a physician ie one who lets blood ,it was also an affectionate term of address for a blood relative

Maybe a medical begining perhaps !