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BODE from HERZBERG, 1779 – moved to Izhevsk, RUSSIA


New member
Hello everyone!
I’m searching for descendants and some information of Bode from Herzberg.
Phillip Anton Ernest Bode (14.12.1779 - 22.08.1841), was born in the city of Herzberg am Harz in Hanover (nowadays Landkreis Osterode am Harz, the Lower Saxony). Since 1804 he lived in Russia (according to report of factory inspector in 1812). Since July 28th, 1807 he worked in Izhevsk small arms factory. He was the same significant person at the factory in 19th century as Kalashnikov nowdays.
Wilhelm (Vasily) Bode – elder brother of Phillip Bode. Wilhelm was born in 1763, in Hamburg. On July, 17th, 1818 he started to work in Izhevsk factory of small arms. He was the assistant of his brother and often helped him at work. So, he was well-respected person at the factory too. He has died in the end of 1850’s (in 1857 he was awarded with pension by personal order of emperor Alexander II).
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