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boer war deserters

jon attwood

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if you can make a trip to Kew (I dont think the records are online).
the regimental diaries of the different regiments involved would record any desertions, and other events in the regimental history.
I don't think there is an actual list of deserters though, so it will take some searching to find the name you are looking for.

if you do find another way of tracing deserters please let me know, my gt grandfather is believed to have deserted in hong kong in about 1908, but he assumed a new name to avoid being caught and we can't find any trace of him before that, don't even know what name to look for.



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Hi Jon,

My great uncle deserted as well and changed his name to. We have his alias name but still cant find anything on him back in England after the war, as we know he survived we dont know where he got to???? All we had to go on was a piece of paper that a family member had passed down with his real name and that he was a deserter. I found a site called casus belli and looked up his name on there. I got his army number and his regiment and i then wrote to the museum for that regiment and they comfirmed it was him and that he had deserted and sent me free of charge a copy of the info they had on him. Maybe you might be able to find a museum for his regiment if you know that and they maybe able to help. If i find out anything more on where to search i will be in touch with you.

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