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Loch Lomond Dunbartonshire
Went to local library yesterday didnt find the burial records I was looking for but asked about my greatgrandfather who was local councillor in early 19th century and has a street named after him in 1964 after his death. The librarian pulled out some hand writen notes from her files, I think copied from newspapers, I had a laugh at this one that reads..

Kane, John (-19 )
Communist councillor. Renton. Co-founder of local branch od national unemployed workers movement. Kane street is named after him.
Previously a bookmaker. One of 2 in Renton. Gave unlimited returns. Ruined when Colonel Renton gave a local tipster a tip on a horse 'the bastard' at 100-1. Many of the men in the village put money on, and Kane couldn't pay up. The other bookmaker, Willie Ritchie, had a pay-out limit and survived.

Think 'the bastard' was the name of the horse, but when I first read it thought it was refering to Colonel Renton as can imagine my grandfather calling him this or worse lol