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Born in London. Only to find otherwise..


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I found my great grandmother living with her parents William and Kate Coombs in the 1901 census born Islington which is 100% true. William was aged 40 and born in London St Pancras, 100% true. Kate Coombs was aged 37 and born in London Stoke Newington.

I found Kate Coombs and her husband in the 1891 census aged 27. Kate gave her birthplace in 1891 as London, Stoke Newington.

Her maiden name was Roberts and she wed William Coombs in 1886 aged 22 in Fitzrovia, London. Her father is Thomas Roberts.

I found her in the 1881 census in Holborn, London aged 17, as Mary A K Roberts, with her family including father Thomas. Her birthplace was given as London, Middlesex.

1881, 1891 and 1901 censuses say she was born in London.

In August 2004 I was in London at the Society Of Genealogists and viewed their free Ancestry access and looked her up in the 1871 census.

Kate Roberts, aged 7 at Arthur Terrace Bow, London. Her mum was born in Sussex, and her 6 year old sister was born in London Bow. But to my shock horror I find that Kate's birthplace was given by her father Thomas as "Ditto" underneath her mums birthplace.

Mary Ann Roberts ,Wife, aged 30 born Sussex and Kate aged 7, Daughter born Ditto for Sussex. Alice, Daughter aged 6 born Bow. I found that through a sisters birth that the mums maiden name was Walder.

I had trouble finding her birth cert but she was baptised aged 10 months in Nov 1864 as Mary Ann Kate, Daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann Roberts at West Hackney Church, Stoke Newington, London.

Her mum and dad had married when she was 6 months old in July 1864 in West Hackney, London. Thomas Roberts & Mary Ann Walder.

Kate was born on 31 December 1863 in Slaugham, Sussex under her mothers maiden name of Walder. Registered 28 Jan 1864, Slaugham, Sussex.

Thomas Roberts was still married throughout most of Mary Ann Walders pregnancy to a sick woman who had TB.

Thomas's wife had just died 6 weeks before in November 1863 after a long illness.

Thomas must have known Mary Ann Walder before his wife died and he got her pregnant while his previous wife was still alive but really ill. Mary Ann Walder was 7 months pregnant when Thomas's wife died. This explains why the baby was illegitimate because the fathers wife had just died as I mentioned this story before on the boards.

It looks like Kate's parents moved from Sussex to London swiftly when Kate was just a few months old. She wasnt born in London but bought up there from a few months old and lived there all her life until she died aged 79 in Islington, London. The 1871 census when she was aged 7 told the truth about her birthplace whereas all later docs she said it was London.


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