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Born in Middlesex 1877 new request.....

JOHN JAMES SELLS... Born 1876/77Â (maybe April)Â Middlesex .

Fathers Name JOHN SELLS..Police Officer.   Mothers name maybe ANNIE.

I have found one JOHN JAMES SELLS born in 1876 but then found a death for the same name in 1877. So dont know if its the same one.

Can anyone find any reference to a JOHN JAMES SELLS, MIddlesex, either birth or on 1881 census etc... Thank you very much.

PS.  There is a J.J. Sells on 1901 census born London (a soldier) I am trying to link him to my grandads Liverpool marriage cert in 1904. But this Sells does not appear on any other census that I can see. A fresh pair if eyes is needed. Thanks again from a gratefull Aussie.....


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Hi Jellybean ;D

Have been onto 'Familysearch.org' - a site run by the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). They have a very good IGI section and have the 1881 census. I have looked for your relative but the only thing I can find is:

John SELLs born 1849 in St George E (Could be East), Middlesex. Living at 24A Morgan Street, London. Working as an Engineers Labourer (E+M). Don't know what E+M means. Living with his wife Emily (29), son John (11), daughter Frances (4), son Thomas (2) and daughter Mary E (for Emily, I presume) aged 6months. So, the young John is still a bit too old to be your John - if you know what I mean!! This was all taken from the 1881 census. Bear with me, I'll see if I can dig anything else up!!

Hi Dawnlea, Sorry for the thank you delay, we have been away on holiday.
Thank you for looking, I had seen that one but couldnt make much of it because of the age difference.

I have now confirmed that the soldier John Sells on 1901 census is my grandad.. the signatures on the enlist papers matched his marriage cert of 1904.
I still cant find a birth for him around Middlesex.

On enlisting in L.pool Reg in ..1897.. he put as next of kin his mother ANNIE and her address was North Third St. Philadelphia. He also said he had a sister MARY or MAY.

I am beginning to think he may have come from America.....His enlist papers say he is a British subject...wouldnt he have had an American accent ? Maybe he was telling porkies ?

Anyway the whole search is becoming a muddle.......I dont know where to look now.

thank you again Dawnlea.......  Jean.

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